At Dominion Impact Church and Word of Righteousness Ministries Int’l., our aim is to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our mission is clear: we’re all about raising breakthrough believers in the kingdom.

With over decades in ministry, Senior Pastor, Kola Emiola, is a leading voice in proclaiming the gospel, sharing principles for raising kingdom minded believers and helping others to cultivate the determination to succeed in every area of living across the globe by wiping tears in the faces of many.

We spread the gospel of Jesus through broadcasts, podcasts, publications, seminars and books. Our sermons also cut across the US, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Giving hope to people who are less privileged around the world by reaching millions of people daily with the good news of the gospel of Christ and letting them know about His love for them is what we care about in our ministry. You can partner with us today to make a change!